Jenna's Review: Love Me In The Dark by Mia Asher

Title: Love Me In The Dark
Author: Mia Asher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub Date: May 10, 2017
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...

When I saw this book on goodreads I was so excited to read it! I am a fan of Mia Asher and the synopsis pulled me right in!  Two strangers meeting in Paris!  Somewhat forbidden love!  Count me in!  That cover!!!!

It was a quick read for me.  It did keep my interest through out most of the book.  You meet Valentina, a unhappily married women needing an escape for a little while from her homemaking wife status.  She meets Sebastian, a beautiful man with a heartbreaking past that Valentina can not seem to stay away from.  I found myself rooting for them the whole time because Valentina's husband was a terrible human being.  

I found myself not connecting with this story.  I liked it but for some reason just couldn't connect.  Some things happened that I felt were just totally unnecessary.  I found that Sebastian's character wasn't really what was described.  My major issue with this one was the ending.  It just ended.  This is a prime example of needing an epilogue badly!   I honestly think I would have rated this one at least 4 stars if I had an epilogue at the end.  It was just a short sentence and the words the end.  I was thinking to myself; "thats it?" I kept swiping at my kindle to get me to the next page and then I looked down and I was at 100%.  These  are my opinions and I seem to be in the minority.  Pick this one up and decide for yourself.  Happy reading!

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