Polly's Review: Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

Title: Royally Endowed 
Series: Royally #3
Author: Emma Chase 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Emma Chase

Pub Date: August 14, 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

I am loving this series!! These books are so light hearted and funny.  
Let me say I love Ellie. She was the perfect mix of quirky and stubborn that I love. She went with her heart and never settled. I think that some may find she was a bit flighty but I think she had a little wanderlust. 

Logan was so much alpa. He had dedicated his life to being in the royal guard and nothing ever tempted that until Ellie. Logan watched her grow from a stubborn teenager to a woman in front of his eyes and he exercise patience in not going after what he wanted.

I think their story was super sweet and very low on angst. 

The reason for 4 stars? I'm one that doesn't like to fill in the blanks on gaps of time. I like to be told what happened relationship wise. I feel that there was a lack of info on especially Logan's part. If it would have been filled in for me a bit more then it would have been 5 stars all the way. 

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