Ashley's Review: Exes with Benefits by Nicole Williams

Title: Exes with Benefits
Author: Nicole Williams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Nicole Williams

Pub Date: September 18, 2017
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

It’s been a while sine I read a book by Nicole Williams and I am so glad I picked this one up. Second chance romances are my weakness and I loved this one.

Maggie and Canaan were married at a young age. They have this pull towards each other. Maggie couldn’t watch her husband come home drunk and banged up any more. It was time for her to do something about it since he wouldn’t. Her only way to get away from the situation was to pack up her car and leave town.

It’s been five years since Maggie has been back to her hometown. She has a good life for herself in Chicago and is dreading heading back home.  She knows she’s going to run into her ex but she’s hoping to prolong it. Those same feeling are still there when she sees Canaan for the first time.

Canaan knows he has to convince her he’s changed and wants a second chance. He is asking for one month to change Maggie’s mind. They both have to learn to let go of things from the past and move forward.

This was a story about heartbreak and learning to forgive. I was pulled in from the first chapter and was pulling for the main characters to work out their differences.

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