Terri's Review: Then There Was You by Claire Contreras

Title: Then There Was You
Series: Second Chance Duet

Author: Claire Contreras
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Claire Contreras

Pub Date: February 27, 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

We all have authors that we love.  But do you remember the first book of theirs that made you fall in love with their writing. The one that captured all you’re your attention, possibly broke your heart only to slowly repair the damage.
The one that stills holds a small piece of your heart hostage.  For me that author is Claire Contreras, I fell in love with her writing while reading The Darkness Duet. If you haven’t read them I HIGHLY recommend that you do, like right now!

TTWY had all the feelings that I experienced when I read The Darkness Duet. I was instantly drawn into the story. Tessa became a dear friend that I was watching struggle with her feelings for the guy next door. Her self-doubt, her fear of change are relatable qualities. I say qualities because I don’t believe these traits should be viewed negatively, we’ve all experienced these feelings at some point in our life. These traits make her real, relatable. Beyond those she is smart, kind, compassionate beyond expectation.

I loved Rowan from the beginning. He’s trying so hard to protect Tessa from his perceived shortcomings and failures that he doesn’t see his worth in Tessa's life. He doesn’t see a reason to stand up against what is expected of him. Tessa tries to reach him, tries to make him see the truth but he is  determined to protect her that he inevitably keeps hurting her.

I had plenty of moments where I was shaking my kindle and yelling ‘why’, or ‘no don’t do that’, or ‘if he does this’…. ‘Or that’.  All those moments lead to the jaw dropping ending and had me begging Claire for MWBTY. Thank heavens the wait isn’t long! 

This is a must read IMO.

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