Terri's Review: One Week by Roya Carmen

Title: One Week
Author: Roya Carmen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Roya Carmen

Pub Date: June 21, 2018
Rating: 3.75 Stars

Our thoughts...

When I heard the Ms. Carmen was releasing another trouble marriage romance it was a no brainer that I needed to read it. Let me say that Eli doesn’t disappoint!

This is a relatively fast paced addictive story; Gabbie is married to John, they have two amazing kids house with a pool and who appear to be living the dream, but are they?

Gabbie discovers that her husband has been keeping something form her and the only way to right this wrong, is with another wrong or is it right??? Gabbie is given a free pass to go to Copenhagen and spend time with Eli a fellow artist that she meets online in hopes that this will help repair her failing marriage.

The Chemistry between the two is off the charts, their life stories are similar you can feel it in your bones that they belonged together. She needs him in her life and vise versa. She is brave enough to make that decision?

I was expecting more heat, a bit more drama. IMO Roya set the bar high with Ground Rules, I was expecting that sort of passion and heat in One Week. The story starts off a bit slow and the ending was a tad abrupt.  It needs an epilogue, I know that there is another book in this series. I’m not sure how much we will see of these characters in that book; but I wanted a longer look into Gabbie’s life

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