Ashley's Review: Boyfriend Bargain by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Title: Boyfriend Bargain
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Ilsa Madden-Mills

Pub Date: May 5, 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I love a good sports romance. Boyfriend Bargain was an emotional read filled with love. It was just what I needed and such a good read.

Zack and Sugar have this chemistry that I loved. Their first meeting you can’t help but hope they can make this work. Zack also known as Z is a hockey player and he always has girls after him. Sugar shows up everywhere Zack seems to be. She is in need of a fake boyfriend and Zack is the perfect guy for the job. 

Once these two get to know each other better what was once a fake relationship becomes real. Will they be able to make a go at a real relationship?

I really enjoyed Boyfriend Bargain and all the characters. I know when I pick up a book by Ilsa Madden-Mills I am going to be pulled in and love it. If  you are looking for a good sports romance look no further. 

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