Ashley's Review: Dating Roulette

Title: Dating Roulette
Author: D. Kelly
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: D. Kelly

Pub Date: July 9, 2019
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

This was the perfect friends to lover’s romance. This book had it all, it was sweet and sexy and emotional. I loved everything about this book and couldn’t stop once I started. 

Tristan and Bexly have been friends since high school. They never saw each other as anything more than their best friend. The two of them had different feeling for each other but kept them secret. They thought just one night was all they needed just to see what could be. Tristan didn’t do long term and Bexley had a way she wanted her dates to go. Neither of them could ever make things work anyone else, but when they started to date is was easy. 

I loved this book so much and highly recommend it!

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