Terri's Review: Pretty Broken Series 1-4 by Jeana E. Mann

Title: Pretty Broken Series
Series: Pretty Broken #1-4

Author: Jeana E. Mann
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Jeana E. Mann

Pub Date: September 25, 2016
Rating: 3.75 Stars

Our thoughts...
I binge read this series in a matter of days. I found the first book very captivating, the second book a bit frustrating. The third book a had me starting my happy dance and the fourth book left my heart feeling full. 

Pretty Broken Girl:
I was captivated by Sam and Dakota’s story from page one. I need to know how a couple who clearly had this wonderful and meaningful connection could end up apart; what could possibly drive them to the decision to separate. They are soulmates in every sense of the word.
Sam is your typical alpha male, smart, ruthless in business and sexy as all get out. Dakota is smart, strong willed and will do anything for the ones she loves.
In the end Dakota lays it all on the line for Sam, the question remains will be believe her, is he able to trust her again?

Pretty Filthy Lies:
Pretty Filthy Lies picks up right where Pretty Broken Girl left us. Dakota on cusp of being forgiven. Sam is still being a bit wishy-washy. I had a hard time with Sam in the book. I kept screaming make up your mind. You either forgive and trust  her or you don’t. GAH!
I will say that I was a bit disappointed with the ending of this book. I felt like the epilogue ruined the last two books for Sam and Dakota.

Pretty Dirty Secrets:
I liked Pretty Dirty Secrets more than Pretty Filthy Lies. Sam has gotten his sh!@ together. He realized what a power couple he and Dakota can be when they work together.  I was still a bit annoyed that Sam wasn’t open with Dakota about their financial situation.

Pretty Broken Baby:

I really liked this short story. After all Sam and Dakota have been through, they deserve to be happy. I liked getting this inside look into their lives. However, I feel it would have been better had we not had the epilogue of book 2.

Overall, I gave this series 4 stars. 

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