Ashley's Review: The Life that Mattered by Jewel E. Ann

Title: The Life that Mattered
Series: Life Duet #1

Author: Jewel E. Ann
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Jewel E. Ann

Pub Date: February 6, 2020
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

What a story, this book took me on a ride and kept my attention until the very last page. I love the covers for this duo. I’m hoping Jewel E Ann puts me out of misery early on in book 2. 

Evelyn is the third wheel to her in her group of best friends, they are getting married. Sometimes she feels like she’s intruding on their alone time. Graham and Lila have one thing common their love and friendship for Evelyn. While on vacation together Evelyn meets Ronin a gorgeous man who she doesn’t think she’ll see again. These two had an instant connection. 

I loved the banter and the way Evelyn and Ronin came together. They are so cute together and so different. The four of them have a close friendship but as time goes on Lila and Graham are busy and Evelyn feels a little lonely. She misses her friends. 

Jewel E Ann wrote an emotional romance that I couldn’t put down. My heart broke for the characters several times. I laughed a lot as well and really enjoyed this book. I need the conclusion ASAP!

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