Ashley's Review: The Life You Stole by Jewel E. Ann

Title: The Life You Stole 
Series: Life #2

Author: Jewel E. Ann
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Jewel E. Ann

Pub Date: February 20, 2020
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I’m completely wrecked right now. It’s 2 in the morning and I just finished The Life You Stole and I’m speechless. I still have tears running down my face and can’t stop thinking about this book. 

I have been dying to get my hands on this book since I finished book one. I am not going to give any details. This is a journey you need to take going in blind. There were so many times I wanted to throw my kindle across the room. This duet has wrecked me. 

Jewel E. Ann is a go to author for me and let me tell y’all she blew me away with this duet. It’s a must read! Make sure you read The Life that Mattered first. This duet is one my top reads for 2020.

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