Ashley’s Review: A Moment for Us by Corinne Michaels

A Moment for Us
Series: Willow Creek #3

Author: Corinne Michaels 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: BAAE Inc. 

Pub Date: October 5, 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I am so glad we are finally getting Delia and Josh’s story. I have been waiting for their story since the first book in this series. 

Delia has liked Josh for as long as she can remember. As the got older her feelings for him grew. When he moved away it was easier to both think about him as much because he was out of sight. She is finally ready to move on, or so she thinks. She never thought Josh would return home. 

Josh is the oldest out of the Parkerson’s.  He wants to help all his siblings and worry about himself later. I love that about him but I hated how he didn’t think he deserved more. 

Like most Corrine Michaels’s books you are taken on an emotional journey that is heartbreaking and beautiful. I love this series so much and cannot wait for the next book!

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