Review: Gold by K.A. Linde

Title: Gold
Author: K.A. Linde
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: K.A. Linde

Pub Date: July 7, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I am really very happy about this book, I read it before it was released and, rest assured, it was hard to contain my excitement. * Minor spoiler*

We have a continuation of Bryna and her gold digging ways, however it’s set in the future when she has started college. As you know, life slammed her down at the end of diamonds. Well, life didn’t start off so hot for our dear bitchy Bryna in Gold either. Things happen, or should I say men happen, in this book as well but there is one that could possibly turn it around for her and make the stakes of heartbreak that much more real.

Bryna has been running from her past and her parents' divorce for a very long time. I can see the whole picture on the reasoning for her and her growth which is why I really enjoyed Gold. I will be the first to admit Diamonds was hard for me to read because she was so selfish but the author did not disappoint me in bringing her full circle.  If you enjoyed diamonds I think you will definitely love Gold. It actually played out perfectly when I look back on the story as a whole.

My dearest Bryna,
You made me want to throttle you at times. You couldn’t just wake up and see what was in front of you because you were too busy hiding your own heart.  I am glad I stuck it out with you though, because you finally realized all the horrible shit you did in your past was for your own selfish reasons. I get it, but man there were times I hated your guts. I am completely happy for you by the way. You couldn’t have picked a better guy. Welcome to adulthood girl.

Without further ado:

Dear Jude,
You are still a douchebag. That is all.

Dear Pace,
I totally don’t understand you. You make me think one thing then completely turn around and do something stupid. Seriously what is your deal?

Dear Hugh,
Oh my god will you marry me?  Seriously I LOVE you. Please take me as your wife. 

Dear Eric,
I think I might love you too. No. I know I love you. Please be my husband. 

Dear Gates,
You are too cute for your own good. I could love you, but I think it’s just lust.

Dear Cam,
You’re an idiot. I’m glad you didn’t last long buddy. 

5 growing up stars.


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