Review: Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans

Title: Manwhore +1
Author: Katy Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books

Pub Date: July 7, 2014
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...
Dibs~ Mine ~Dibs

 I love this story and I needed this book. I needed something that was easy to get into, that would hold my attention and make the world disappear. I wanted something light but yet hot and Manwhore +1 delivers!

 I have loved Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint from the beginning.  What I liked best about this story was the fact that it is nothing like the title suggests. You start this series with the idea that he’s this big manwhore, when in fact he is misunderstood, extremely generous, kind and loving.

Rachel is a journalist who just wants to make her way in the world. She doesn’t need a man. What happens when your assignment gets under your skin? You have to choose between your career and love. What happens if you fall for a certain Saint? How do you win his trust and prove your love?

 Watching the relationship grow between Sin and Rachel just makes you melt. You have two strong people who have never been in a relationship, trying to figure out how to make one work in the public eye. Add to that, the fact that Rachel wrote the article about Sin in Manwhore, which wound up ending their relationship. Yes, her article became more of a love letter to him than an exposé,  but it still leaves Rachel trying to regain Sin’s trust.

The story is sweet and romantic. Manwhore +1 is the perfect fast and easy read; a great book for the beach! Sin is to die for, or at least worth committing a few sins with!  I can’t want to read the final book Ms. Manwhore releasing this fall!

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  1. Great review Terri! I also loved the " Dibs~ Mine ~Dibs" lol, you have on your review! Thanks for letting us know about this book!