Review: Belong by Jennifer Foor

Title: Belong
Author: Jennifer Foor

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Jennifer Foor

Pub Date: November 22, 2015
Rating: 3.5-4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Second Chance~ Heartbreak~ Soul Mates

There is a lot a back and forth in this book. Not in the sense of ‘Do I or Don’t I love him/her’, but more so in the ‘can we make it work and will we catch a break.’ I loved Chad in Bereft and I was disappointed that Rachel went back to Grayson. I fully understand why Chad made that decision for her; but was it the right one for both of them?

Fast forward 10 years and Chad and Rachel are forced together again due to the loss of a loved one. Chad arrives back on the east coast with his marriage falling apart. Rachel also has a secret of her own, one she’s kept from Chad for two years in an attempt to protect the both of them.

Their connection is undeniable, but will this be their time to have a HEA?  Life has other plans for them Chad’s wife Veronica announces that she is pregnant and Chad, being the man he is, will stay by her side. When tragedy strikes, Chad remains with his wife still, doing everything that he can for her.  Surprisingly, Veronica is the one who ultimately takes matters into her own hands to assure that Chad and their daughter will live a happy, love-filled life with the very person she’d always hated; the woman who has always held Chad’s heart, ‘Rachel.’

In the end, they get their HEA. Some of the events seemed a bit over the top, but I still enjoyed the story and was extremely happy that Chad and Rachel ended up together in the end.

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