Polly's Guest Review: Ignite by Karen Erickson

Title: Ignite
Author: Karen Erickson

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Karen Erickson

Pub Date: March 15, 2016
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...

I really wanted to love this one but it fell flat.

When I look at this cover I think badass alpha, and the reality of it was the opposite for me.

Harper is living what she thinks is the perfect life in her hometown. When West comes back into town everything changes. My issue was everything changed too quick. It was a bit too cookie cutter of a recipe. I wanted her to have a back bone and some grit. Sadly none of those showed to me. 

I actually liked West more then Harper, which is rare for me. 

If you like sweet and a bit cheesy then this one is for you. 

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