Review: Liquid & Ash by E.M. Abel

Title: Liquid & Ash
Author: E.M. Abel

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: E.M. Abel

Pub Date: March 1, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Love~ Fear~Liquid~ Ash

I loved this story. I don’t know what to say other then read it! This is a beautifully written second chance at love story. The emotions that are brought about while reading are something that I haven’t experienced lately. 

He was my demise wrapped in camouflage.

Penelope has just discovered her husband affair, she’s drowning her sorrow in vodka and weed, which leads to her questioning every decision that she has made in the last 9 years. She swore she would never give up anything for a man; her life, priorities would always come first. That was until she met Derek, her husband. She withdrew from school, following him to different bases, all in the name of love. Allowing him to pursue his career, while hers was pushed aside. Now facing the decision of leaving her marriage or forgiving her husband, she’s taking a hard look at her life; what she wants, what she is willing to sacrifice. Is love the answer to everything?

All my dreams, my life, my love had been reduced to liquid and ash.

Brandon, ex-marine- model- bartender- drug dealer feels that he is damaged; not worthy of love. His past rules his future, because of that he keeps woman and the possibility of love at arms length, however  he is living a life no regrets; but is living a life without love a possible regret? 

”I’m fucked up, Penelope. I’ve got no right trying to be with anyone. I’m not even sure if I’m capable of being in a healthy relationship…but it’s always meant something. You’ve always meant something to me.” 

When you want to be loved you will look for it anywhere. Penelope could see all the love inside of Brandon and he could see the fear inside of her. Would fear over-power the possibility of love and second chances at life.

”Do you think love is like a flame? Just burning through everything until it finally dies out? …It consumes everything. It’s cozy and warm and hot and painful. It takes no prisoners and if you neglect it, it just goes away. Like poof.” I said, fanning my fingers out like I’d just thrown something into the air. “And you’re left with nothing but ash.”

”No. Love isn’t like that. Life is like that. Time is like that. Love is liquid. It never dies. It never goes away. Sometimes it just changes direction. And sometimes, if it’s strong enough… It can make time stand still."

What I loved most about this story wasn’t the romance or the sex, it was the courage to change your life. To prove to yourself that you can, even when it seems impossible. You just have to find your inner strength and have a little faith . Trusting that whats meant to be will be. 

Read it!

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