Polly's Guest Review: Roots and Wings by M. Mabie

Title: Roots and Wings
Author: M. Mabie

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: M. Mabie

Pub Date:March 29, 2016
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...
When M. Mabie tagged this book as "Low on drama. High on love", I had to sign up right away. That's my preferred reading style! As a fan of her past NA works I had high expectations. 

Roots and Wings is a story about small town love. As someone who grew up in a small southern town, I could relate to a lot of that side of the story. 

Mutt (nickname and kind of annoying) was the town tomboy. She worked in her family's auto shop and loved to fish. I think I had a hard time relating to her and that's why I had a hard time in her POV. She was raised by her father and never settled down with a guy because everyone knew her family's history. 

Vaughn is a dentist leaving behind a ex fiance and looking for a town where he can plant roots and build a family. 

I think the thing that really took away from this one blowing me away was the extreme inst-lust/love. He was thinking of a relationship with her very early on. The story had a good flow to it and had a few laugh out loud moments but for some reason I could not connect to the characters fully. 

I think that many readers that like very low angst and insta love will find this one to be a winner. 

Read it!

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