Review: Sweetest Venom by Mia Asher

Title: Sweetest Venom
Author: Mia Asher

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Mia Asher

Pub Date: April 3, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

What a rollercoaster ride! I knew this story was going to be stressful but I can’t remember the last time that I was almost to afraid to finish. Thank you to my friends who wouldn’t give me any hints. I was totally worth the ride, booze and Zanax!

I loved the growth that Blaire showed in this book. She was’t the selfish, gold-digger anymore. She made the changes that were necessary to get herself on the right track. These changes weren’t easy and didn’t happen overnight. You could feel her pain, discomfort and honesty in every heart-wrenching word.

OMG, the men! They killed me in this book. I started out being #TeamRonan, but Mia has a way to make you fall in love with every character! This was a stressful read, my heart broke for everyone. Just when I thought everything was looking up the evil genius (Mia) pulled the rug out from under me.. 

I think readers will be happy with the conclusion of Blaire’s story. She’s with her true love. I’d like to think that everyone is happy or maybe there will be another book written for a certain someone…hint, hint, hint!

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