Jenna's Review: Parisian Nights by Louise Bay

Title: Parisian Nights
Author: Louise Bay
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Louise Bay
Pub Date: May 11, 2016
Rating: 4 stars

Our thoughts...

This is the first time I am reading this author and I really enjoyed it!  I’m a little confused on if this is a series or it was a series and now she combined them? I’m not sure but it did not end on a cliff hanger.  It was completed in my opinion.

You get to meet Haven and Jake in this book that is set in the UK.  They are working on a project for work and you are able to go on their journey of trying to find love.  There are Lots of ups and downs for this couple so you need to read it to find out if they get a happily ever after. 

If you enjoy work place romance or contemporary romance with a little bit of drama this will be a book you will enjoy.  I really did enjoy this book and all the characters.  The main characters and the secondary ones were really easy to fall in love with.  4 stars!

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