Polly's Review: Teach Me Dirty by Jade West

Title: Teach Me Dirty
Author: Jade West
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Jade West

Pub Date: May 7, 2016
Rating: 2 stars

Our thoughts...

Bottom line with this one is: it's not for me. I love a good teacher/student book. The taboo and the forbidden is my cup of tea. I don't even really mind big age difference if done right. 

Even though I like younger characters with older men, I like for them to read like they are mature. Helen Palmer (yes she's called by both names like the whole book, another thing that annoyed me), has been obsessed with her teacher Mr. Roberts for years and years. She drew pictures and kept a portfolio of her hopes and dreams. One day Mr. Roberts sees it and then their story evolves. I say evolve loosely because their relationship never grabbed me. I didn't "feel" their connection. I felt that he was a man giving a girl what she wanted. Much like an adult indulging a child. I get that this author writes erotica. I get it's not totally believable. However, as a reader I NEED to feel something. 
The other thing I want to touch on, is Helen's best friend. I had a huge issue with some of the stuff that happened with her. To the point that consent on Helen's part was not given and her friend took it anyway. Personally I call that rape. To have it pushed it under the rug with no mention to me was a deal breaker. 

Even though this book was not for me, others may enjoy it. Pick it up and form your own conclusion! 

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