Say Anything: Artistic Forging by Jenny

“Paint the ocean on our walls,” they said. “We want to feel like sea turtles,” they said. 

I am not an artist by any stretch of the definition. I can copy basic things to the point of being passable and winning my children’s appreciation. When it comes down to it, though, I’m not very good. But when my children, who are obsessed with turtles, begged me to make their new rooms look like the ocean, I couldn’t say no. What I did say was one wall each because I’m not that crazy. My son, who is seven, had a detailed idea of what he wanted; his 4-year-old sister was eager to repeat everything he said. I quickly realized that ombre painting was in my future. I put on my mom-pants and pretended like accomplishing this would be as easy as sweeping dirt under a rug. And then I went to Pinterest. 

I was able to find a blog post from someone I know and trust (P.S. I Made This) as well as one from a reputable paint company (Behr). I did a little from option A and a little from option B. And I survived. Barely. 

I started Sunday morning with both kids begging to help. I let them get a few strokes in and then distracted them for the sake of my sanity. Five or so hours later, I was done. I have to admit that my daughter has the better wall but my son is so happy that I can’t complain (much). I am truly my worst critic and constantly find every flaw but I reached a point while painting where I had to just walk away before making things worse. I splattered paint on white walls by accident, tipped over paint-tainted water, and had more paint on the bottom of my feet than I would prefer, but my kids are happy. I’m going to try to be happy, too. 

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