Terri's Review: Playing for Love by J.C. Grant

Title: Playing for Love
Author: J.C. Grant
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: J.C. Grant

Pub Date: April 27, 2016
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...
This is a challenging review to write. I enjoyed Playing for Keeps. It was steamy and so very alpha male. David and his over the top stalking was more funny and heartwarming then scary. Austin’s ability to see that Davids behavior and her attraction to it were not normal, made the story enjoyable. I couldn’t wait to see where Playing for Love would take David and Austin as a couple. How they would handle all of their personal issues not that they were married.

I feel like they accomplished a lot as a couple in the short amount of time that they’ve been together but at the same time so many questions were left unanswered. Mainly what happened with Matthew, Zach and Dawn in the end..  

I’m not sure if there will be third book in this series… I don’t see one listed on Goodreads but the ending was abrupt and left so many unanswered question. If there is going to be more, I highly recommend that the author list that. I believe that would help readers with this book in the ratings area. If there isn’t going to be another book then I recommend that an epilogue is written to tie up the loose strings.

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