Say Anything: Genre gone generic by Anjee

I wanted to talk a little bit about something that has crossed my mind lately in the book world, and that’s genre.

What style gets your gears grinding?  For me, at the moment it’s fantasy or an excellent dystopian.  I have had such a hard time trying to find PNR lately that isn’t the same ole story and fresh. I really would like to find the next gem in that pile, though. I’m not sure how many PNR fans we have here, but I’m pretty much the only one that enjoys them the most out of all of us here at TRL.

I have been seeing a lot of authors talking about how their sales have been tanking from previous years past, and that they have to keep pumping out more books faster and faster just to make the kind of money they did a couple of years ago for one book. I think this is mostly because the market has thousands of romance novels, and trying to find a new idea out of them all is like trying to find Dori in the ocean.

I have no advice for the authors writing this way, but I can tell you that there will always be romance readers in abundance, however perhaps some should look into expanding their works in a different genre. I mean you can always write romance in the new genre, and not necessarily detour from your roots.  I for one love it when my favorite romance authors take the bold new approach, and let me tell you I am not the only one.

 I feel like when someone writes the same words over and over again, they begin what I deem the rut, and no not the sexual kind. HA. No pun intended. O.k. maybe it was my husband has had the freaking hunting channel on at all times of the night. Deer season is right around the corner ;) 

*Ahem* Anyway I feel like the excitement in the romance field has died down a little bit, but my questions are how do we get it back? How can the community evolve? I know what you’re thinking. We will just have to keep reading in hopes that some day a breakthrough will happen, but I don’t want to waste my time reading the same boring stuff. I have slumped more this year in reading then I have ever in my life. And why, because I feel like I have read every type of story already. And when words and topic repeat themselves all the time I can’t shake it off. I get bored very bored. I need to be provoked.
Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there is so much more out there we haven’t discovered yet. Maybe this is my plea for some of my favorites to write my favorite genre. Maybe I feel like authors should expand on their brilliant minds and try a change? Is it me or does everyone feel this way?
Would you go out of your way to take a chance on a different genre? And by that, you can still read romance it might just be in a different setting. Until next time readers. Have a great week.


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  1. I totally agree with you, there are so many romance authors and they are good, but it has gotten to the point where its the same thing over and over!