Jenna's Review: Loving London by Ellie Wade

Title: Loving London
Series: Flawed Hearts #3

Author: Ellie Wade
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Angie McKeon

Pub Date: September 24, 2016
Rating: 3.5 stars

Our thoughts...

Here is the final book in the Flawed Hearts series. The last book had you wondering if Loic and London will get back together.  Will Loic be able to move past his tragedies and remember what he had with London and not throw it away?
Good news is you do get the answers to these questions.  Bad news is that you don't get them until about 70%ish into the book.  I hate spoiler reviews so i'm going to try my best to not throw any spoilers in here.  I will say that any unanswered questions from the first two books were answered fully in my opinion.  I know I was kind of wondering what happened to Loic's grandparents and that is fully revealed.  

Overall I thought this was a nice story.  I thought that Loic and London's love was beautiful and a true expression of opposites attracted.   The other characters in this series were also very likable and I was happy to read about them as well.   I did however have a hard time with the fact that it took so long to get somethings answered and to see if they would end up together.  I'm not saying they do, you will have to read to find out.  I just needed a little more from it and that is why I gave it 3.5 stars.  I will say that I'm glad that they were not with other people after the breakup.  I really don't know if I could handle that again.  

If you like opposites attract love stories and characters who aren't perfect and have had a difficult life this book and series is for you.  Ellie Wade does know how to write a heart gripping love story that is for sure.  

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