Terri's Review: The Player by Claire Contreras

Title: The PlayerAuthor: Claire Contreras
Genre: Sports Romance
Publisher: Claire Contreras

Pub Date: October 10, 2016
Rating: 3.75 Stars

Our thoughts...
This isn’t your traditional sports romance, Claire changed the general formula making this her own, and I truly enjoyed it.

Warren is this sexy, smooth, rich football (soccer) player. He is known by everyone in Europe, not so much in NYC, which is something that he truly enjoys, the ability to walk around un-noticed.

Camila is this strong, fiercely independent woman. She’s still living in the neighborhood that she grew up in, trying to make a difference.

Camila wants to do everything one her own, she doesn’t want to rely on a man; like her mother did (you can see how well that worked out). She’s holding grudge for something that happened in her family’s past.

Warren is trying to right a wrong that he didn't commit all while falling in love with someone who hates him. 

While I enjoyed the story, it felt like it was taking me FOREVER to read. I’m not sure why exactly, I loved the characters, enjoyed the cultural descriptions (though a bit too many), the story it’s self was fantastically written. To me it was a little wordy, the reason for Camila leaving didn’t seem good enough.

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  1. Thanks for review Terri, I have found this to be true in a couple of Claire's books while I love the idea, it is just a little too wordy for me to give it the higher marking!