Terri's Review: Neighbors by Stylo Fantome

Title: Neighbors
Series: Twin Estates #1

Author: Stylo Fantome
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Stylo Fantome

Pub Date: September 27, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

The blurb alone had me dying to read Neighbors.  I love Stylo’s writing style, the way she can make you feel all the brewing emotions, and you never know exactly how the story will end. Not to mention that My Time in the Affair is still one of my top book recommendations.  

While this was a solid 4-star read for me, it didn’t start out that way. I didn’t like Katya in the beginning. I found her difficult to relate too. I know she’s young and naïve but come on. Some of the things she said had me rolling my eyes. I did find her inner monologue funny. As the story progressed so did her character.

Katya is a 23-year-old baker who lives a conservative life and makes all the right choices. She needs to let go, she needs to find some passion outside of work. While she lives a good life, I don't feel she really enjoys her life. With the encouragement of her best friend and roommate Tori, which is what she does. They create a fake online dating profile.

Her fake dating profile has gathered a lot of attention in the 24 hours that she had it posted. She meets her sexy neighbor, Liam Edenhoff, who believes in enjoying life ins and out of the bedroom. A neighbor from the past also shows up on Katya’s doorstep so to speak, Wulfric Stone, her teenage dream!

I fell hard for Liam. He is every girl's dream. Sweet, kind, caring and a freak in the sheets! What started off as a hot romance soon fizzled into more of a ‘friends with benefits’ than to just friends. 

Wulfric took a lot of warming up to. He’s very hot and cold. I know a lot of readers dig the asshole type guy, but I just could get a feel for what he wanted with Katya.  
As the book progressed, he wormed his way into my heart.

Back to my 4-star rating, up until 15% I wasn’t sure I liked this story. I wasn’t relating to Katya as I said above. I continued to read, by 20% I didn’t want to stop. I had to see how this would end. I wanted Liam to get the girl; he was steadily becoming the underdog. At about 75% is when Wulf wormed his way into my heart. The last 15% of the book HOLY SHIT, I didn’t see that coming.  I need book 2, and I needed it yesterday!  I need answers!!!

 Read it!

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