Terri's Review: Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan

Title: Dirty Little Secrets
Series: Forbidden Desires #1

Author: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Kendall Ryan

Pub Date: September 14, 2017
Rating: 3.75 Stars

Our thoughts...

A darker side of Kendall Ryan and I like it!  I haven’t read a Kendall Ryan book in a while and then boom in the last few weeks I’ve read two of her books. This new series is going to be one of my favorites. I like this darker edgier more sinful side of Kendall’s writing!

Gavin is a damaged yet beautiful man. Emma is as strong as she is beautiful. How they meet is perfect, it’s so real.

This is a bit of a love triangle but at the same times it’s not. Yes, there are two men vying for Emma's heart but I think they both know who it belongs to. It's more of a motivational love triangle if that makes any sense.

I know I mention that this book is darker but don’t get scared. It’s the perfect blend of a dark and erotic romance with a splash of mystery. This book does end with a cliffhanger so you may want to wait closer to book 2 releases.

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