Ashley's Review: Drive by Kate Stewart

Title: Drive
Author: Kate Stewart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: CreateSpace

Pub Date: October 13, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

This is my favorite book by Kate Stewart. She delivered a book that captivated me and took on a ride I won’t forget.

Stella career has just taken off and things are going good for her. When she gets a phone call from her friend her happy mood changes and she is back in the past. Needing to get home she decides to rent a car and drive and get lost in the music. The songs for each chapter are perfect. I found myself playing them even when I was done with the book.

This was a story about love and the journey getting there. Stella has two men that hold her heart and she just has to figure out to give it to completely.  I loved the characters and the pace of this book. This is a must read!

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