Anjee's review: Dwellers of Darkness by Stacey Marie Brown

Title: Dwellers of Darkness
Series: Darkness #3

Author: Stacey Marie Brown
Genre: PNR
Pub Date: February 11, 2014
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I have been pumping out this series like nobodies business as it’s on KU atm! This third installment was great. The characters were on my mind all day at this point. Every spare moment I had I wanted to spend it with them, and that says something!

The story continues to unfold, and we get to spend a little more quality time with Ember and Eli.  The first part of this book they still had that frustrating push and pull, but it didn’t last too long, as we finally got to look at what life could be like with the two of them embracing each other instead of fighting all the time. Then comes Torin back into the picture, this guy is head over heels in love with Ember. The dynamic between this triangle was decent, but in our hearts, the reader just knows where Ember’s real heart lies, and while It might have driven up the angst just a bit, it wasn’t over the top.
The storyline moves quite a bit, and we get a ton of bombshells dropped on us as well. Lot’s of secrets in the story which I had some guessed before. It was good to know I was right! Lol. A few times I felt the story drag, but not often.
Again I am in absolute love of ALL the characters in this book. My favorites are definitely the two pixies. I laughed at their hilarious antics so many times it was refreshing. Especially when the whole story is founded on a serious arc.
I’m off to read number 4!

4.5 stars!

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  1. I read the whole story article and really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, loved it. Stay blessed and happy.