Review: Our Forever Promise

Title: Our Forever Promise(Forever Series)
Author: Mary A. Wasowski
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Mary A. Wasowski

Pub Date: Jan 13, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

This book brings you full circle. This is a journey of love, loss and forgiveness.  Picking up right where Second Chance at Forever ends. We not only follow Walker and Reese on their  journey to forever but  we also get to watch Jackson and Riley find theirs. 

What makes this book different is that we get to hear from all of the characters. Not just Walker and Reese like the first books. We get to see and feel what Jackson and Riley and even Samuel were thinking.

Walker Reed fell in love with Reese Mitchell ,19 years ago when they locked eye in the library of NYU. Reese’s strength  and compassion was empowering to see in this book. Walker is the same demanding, sexy alpha male, that he always is.They are the definition of soul mates, after everything they have been through. They are finally on their path to a happily ever after. History has a way of repeating it self, if you haven’t dealt with it. Will Walker and Reese’s love be strong enough to survive?

Jackson(Walkers son) and Riley(Reese’s daughter) have also found their other halves in each other.  They are the new and improved version of Walker and Reese. Jackson is definitely his fathers son. Loving and loyal and oh so sweet. Riley is her mothers daughter to a T. She is so much like Reese, that it’s scary. She will sacrifice herself for her love. 

Willing to do anything be together. With a family medical history that could drastically change his life at any given moment. Jackson has lived his life under the watchful eye of his father. Jackson has  finally convinced his father that he is fine and should be allowed to spend the summer with his girlfriend in New York, getting ready for college. When Riley starts to notice some changes in Jackson, what will she do? Secrets never stay hidden for long.

When ghosts of the past won’t stay buried and life continues to throw things at you. How do you move forward to your forever with the girl of your dreams. You have to make peace with your past, offer forgiveness where it may not be deserved. Most of all you have to learn to except the things you can not change.

 I really enjoyed this series. I laughed, I cried. I had to walk away from my kindle. I just love Walker. Jackson is just as swoon worthy as his father.  Reese’s compassion and Riley’s spunk. I have to say the one aspect of this book that I liked best was the message of forgiveness. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Forgive others not for them but for yourself.  A Solid 4 stars. 

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