Review: Take Me for Granted by J.K Linde

Title: Take Me for Granted
Author: J.K. Linde

Genre: New Adult Romance
Pub Date: April 29, 2014
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

K.A Linde took what is 100% a cliché story and intertwined it with her beautiful writing and created a not so cliché story. ←Like that makes any sense.

K.A. Linde knows how to draw emotions out of her readers. Her writing isn’t something you just read but something that you feel as you read over the words.

“Silence lingered between us, I felt something crawl into my chest and spread out, like it was trying to fester through my whole body.”

Yup, as I was reading that line, I actually had an ache that was moving through my chest. Yes, ladies you know the K.A. Linde ache that she is able to create in everyone who reads her words.
I think the duel POV was a key aspect to taking what is a cliché story and making it not so cliché. It made the book have depth and that is usually something that is missing in a cliché story. Without the duel POV Grant would have been seen as one big dick head. Since we got to be inside his head, you get to be part of his emotions and learn that he is just one big sweetheart.
Aribel is hands down one of the strongest females that K.A Linde has created. I loved Aribel. Her character started off strong and she didn’t change from her strong personality once in the whole book. No matter what character Aribel was interacting with she was always herself. Sassy and smart!

“Aribel, this is what I’m talking about. You always just spit out the first thing on our mind.”

The whole group in Take Me for Granted were awesome! It was like spending time with my group of friends.  Don’t hesitate to pick this book up and bask in what is once again, another hit by K.A. Linde.



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