Review: Thicker Than Blood.

Title: Thicker Than Blood
Author: Madeline Sheehan & Claire Riley

Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Createspace

Pub Date: January 12, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...
I just got off the Thicker Than Blood train where I crashed and burned. Here we have two bonded best friends Liesel and Evelyn. They go through trials of love, hurt, anger, and jealousy during their journey. The first part of the book tells you their tale that leads to the action packed intensity of what comes down the road for them.

“Sure, the fruit was juicy and the vegetables ripe, but there was no soul. So pretty on the outside, yet inside everything had died long ago and since rot…” 

This quote pretty much explains their world that got turned upside down. I was thinking if there was ever an apocalypse and I was forced to live in confinement, this is how I would view it.

I felt so much anxiety while reading this book. The intensity of every scene on their journey kept me turning page after page. It reminded me that people have to do what they need to in order to survive at all costs. I don’t want to tell the tale as it is told in the book, just know that it is packed full of emotion, and it feels so real, that it pulls you in and stomps on your heart hard. 

"Always together, I promise."

One can only hope.

I had trouble sleeping last night, and I woke up in the middle of the night with thoughts of this book on my mind. What did it mean? Why did things happen the way they did? I finally figured it out.  Can you? 
5 unforgettable stars.

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