Review: Unveiled (One Night #3)

Title: Unveiled (One Night #3)
Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

Pub Date: February 10, 2014
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts... 

'They made their choice. And now Livy and Miller must fight for a life without secrets - and a passion without limits'.

Unveiled brings us all the answers to the questions we had (and didn’t know we had) about the mysterious Miller. As Livy and Miller attempt to move ahead in their relationship, his past continues to try to pull him back in.
But it isn’t just Miller’s past that has to be dealt with. Olivia’s past is threatening them as well.

I'm his most prized possession. And it's a title I'm thrilled to have. It's also a burden I'm willing to shoulder.

I loved watching Olivia grow in this book. She was stronger, sassier. I loved everything about her character in this book. She knows what Miller is worth, even when he doesn’t.  She’s willing to go the extra mile to prove that to him.

"Only your love will see me through this hell."

Miller feels that he is undeserving of Olivia, and she is determined to prove him wrong. Watching Miller break down his barriers was wonderful.  His realization that he does deserve her love was one of my favorite moments. What he is willing to do in order to have his life with Olivia is outstanding. Miller has the ability to make you so angry in one sentence and have your panties melting in the next.  I have to say, I love this uptight, ill-mannered part-time gentleman.

"You are all I see. Day or night, I see only you."

I can’t forget to mention the supporting characters, Gregory and Nan. OMG, they are the best. I wish Nan was my Grandma. You definitely know where Olivia gets her sass from. I would love to see a book written for Gregory.

One Night Unveiled had all the feels that you would expect from JEM. She has a way of putting you together, breaking you apart only to do it all over again. JEM’s writing is fantastic. I LOVE the British dialect. I am sort of at a loss. I wanted so many things. I wanted to love this book. I wanted the final installment to be the book that pulled this series together for me and I wanted to be blown away. I tried hard not to compare this to This Man.  Jesse Ward is just a hard character to top.


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