Top List Thursday: Self Pub Tips (Part 2)

A continuation of last week's post.

For Independent Authors remember this before producing/writing a book...

6. …NEVER trust my family and friends to give me accurate feedback about my book.

We’ve rarely met a self-publishing author who didn’t tell us how much their family and friends enjoyed their book – especially after the book received an abysmal review. The moral of this story is simple: family and friends don’t want to hurt your feelings; readers and reviewers generally aren’t as kind.

7. …Ask myself: who will read this memoir?

Sure, you can write the story of your life. But don’t print too many copies if that life will only interest your family and friends. Memoirs attract readers when the author is able to write artfully and poignantly about an exceptional life – either exceptionally troubled or exceptionally successful. The vast majority of us live lives in between. Those lives, alas, don’t often attract widespread readership.

8. …Study the market before finishing my book.

Heart surgeons follow certain procedures that differ from liver specialists. Writers must learn their specialties, as well. Readers expect certain conventions when it comes to suspense, romance, mysteries and so on. Study the type of book you are writing. What do the covers generally look like? What expertise do the authors generally have? What sort of story does the audience expect? If you ignore this resolution, you risk confusing readers and your book’s chances for survival diminish considerably.

9. …Never blame the messenger when getting criticism about my book.

If the reviewer didn’t seem to understand a key point, just like all the others who read her book. Take a hint. If everyone is having the same problem, it’s not because they are all incapable of “getting” what you’ve written; it’s because you haven’t written it well. Professional writers know that it is their job to make sure their writing clearly conveys what they mean, not the reader’s responsibility to read their minds.

10. … Keep my eye on the ball.

It’s easy to get discouraged and distracted and to just want to get the darn thing done. Resolve to stay focused, keep your eye on the ball and get out there and do it right.

Hope this list will help those who plans to be an Independent Authors.

Happy writing!

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