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It took some time, some sweat, some tears, some gut decisions but I finally got my TBR list organized! I freely admit that I paired down my list because there were books on my list that I will probably never read.  I have made the mistake of buying books (but it was .99 cents!) instead of adding it to a Goodreads wish list. Over time my reading tastes have changed and yet those books have stayed on my TBR list. I also made the mistake of getting books that are free (got to love Bookbub!) that I may not necessarily read but kind of sounded interesting so I got it in case I ever got around to it. These two instances caused so much clutter that I did not know what and how many books I owned that I actually want to read. I knew I had a problem when I kept clicking on a book that sounded interesting to only find out I owned it....since 2013.  (Yes, I tried to buy the book multiple times!)

I decided to celebrate this monumental occasion by having a giveaway.  I thought it would be fun for everyone to try to guess how many books are on my TBR list.  

The closest one without going over will win a $20 Amazon Gift Card.  

I will give you some information about me to help with your guesses:

1.  I have owned a kindle since 2010
2.  I am an avid reader and many of my friends are readers so I do get a lot of book recommendations 
3.  I primarily read contemporary romance and read both mainstream and indie authors 

We will keep the giveaway open until next week and I will reveal how many books are on my TBR list, who is our winner, and how I am doing on reading books from my TBR list.  

Good luck!

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