Character Interview: Diamonds by K.A. Linde

Terri and Katie from The Review Loft were lucky enough to interview the group from Diamonds, the first book in what’s going to be a summer favorite!  Katie and Terri traveled out to Los Angeles to meet with Bryna, Gates, Pace and the busy Jude.

TRL: Thank you so much for meeting up with us! We know you’re busy Bryna!

Bryna: Yeah no problem. I never mind being in the spotlight

TRL:  Let’s jump right to it! Any word on if you got into Las Vegas State? If so we need to go out and have a congratulations toast!

Bryna:  Yes! Actually I just heard from admissions. I got in, of course. *shrugs* I never expected not to. I was made to go there. I’ll be a real Gambler in the fall and can’t wait!

TRL : If you could change one thing about this year what would it be?   

Bryna: I’d have had a lot more sex. *raises eyebrow* I’m joking. Kind of. But not really. I don’t want to get into the issues, you know? Shit happened. My life was turned upside down, but I don’t regret what happened. I just sometimes wish I could kick an asshole in the balls. Also, I wouldn’t have missed cheer. Ever.

TRL: Have you been able to figure out what Pace’s deal is with you?

Bryna: *rolls eyes* Seriously? Anyone with eyes should be able to tell what Pace’s ‘deal’ is with me. He’s my step-brother and he’s fucking obsessed with me. He needs to get a life or at least stop trying to ruin mine.

TRL: Ok, last question before we race over to the studio to interview Gates.  If you could only save either Jude or Gates from a sinking ship….who would you pick?

Bryna: Trick question. You’re assuming I’d save anyone.

TRL: Thanks girly!  Next time least plan a girl’s night out for our interview.

Bryna: Sounds like my kind of party. Dirty martinis on me!


TRL: Hi Gates! Thanks for meeting with us!
Gates:  Good to meet with you.

TRL: Wow, how do you deal with the larger than life personality of Bryna?
Gates:  Well, Bri is a handful, but I’ve known her my whole life so you kind of start to just pick up on what she’s thinking. Or at least I thought I had. Sometimes I don’t think anyone really can handle Bri.

TRL: Thanks so much for seeing us so last minute! We know you have a busy schedule.

Gates: No problem. Just have to get back on set. Nice chatting with you.
Terri: Katie keep your cool! I know you’re livid with Jude but stay calm and don’t get us out kicked out of his office.

Katie: Whatever. I’m not going to talk to him you need to ask all the questions.

Terri:  This office is gorgeous Jude! Thanks for squeezing us into your schedule! You sure have had a crazy few months!

Jude: I’m really busy ladies. I have another meeting in ten. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Terri: If you had to describe yourself in three sentences what would you say about yourself?

Jude: I know what I want. I go after what I want. I always come out ahead.

Terri:  Wow, so 17!  Had you known Bri’s age would it have made a difference in your relationship with her...don’t lie. Or Katie over here might cut you.

Jude: *looks at them flatly* Only if someone else found out.

Katie: I can’t take this anymore. We have to go!

Jude: Tell the next person to come in on your way out.

Katie: *glares*

Terri: I’ll drive us over to Pace’s practice field. You need to calm down Katie!


TRL: Hey Pace!
Pace: Hey ladies! *pulls off helmet* *wipes brow*

TRL:  Pace, what’s your deal with Bryna?

Pace: I don’t know what you mean. She’s my stepsister. *grins* We don’t always get along, because I think she’s an entitled bitch and she’s thinks I’m the Valley trash that invaded her home. But you know, family is family.

TRL: How has your new fancy life impacted you?  It must be strange going from the Valley to the high life in the Hills.

Pace: It is pretty different. I still am not sure what to make of it. I was used to my life back home, but this one isn’t so bad. I like not having to worry about anything financially. My mom seems happier. I get to play ball with all the best facilities. It’s opened up a lot of opportunities, but I think the whole thing is pretty shallow.

TRL: Isn’t it a little hypocritical to enjoy the lifestyle and yet still call it shallow?

Pace: Probably. But a little hypocrisy goes a long way in Hollywood.

TRL: We know you’re busy! Good luck with football!!


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