Review: Manwhore by Katy Evans

Title: Manwhore
Author: Katy Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Gallery Books

Pub Date: March 24th 2015
Rating: Solid 4 Stars

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Rachel Livingston is a young, ambitious reporter living in Chicago. All she wants to do is make it in the reporting world so she can provide for her mother.  Rachel lost her father when she was young. Because of that loss, her mother had to alter her life. Rachel feels responsible for that.  She wants to provide for her mother, what her father never had the chance to do.  Rachel is driven, guarded, loyal and scared.

Rachel is given the opportunity to write the story of her career, the topic: Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint.  Billionaire, Playboy, Misunderstood Alpha Male, infiltrate his inner circle and write an expose'.  This opportunity comes with a huge risk if she’s not careful. What would you risk to write the story that could make your career?

I loved the chemistry between Malcolm and Rachel, the push and pull. He has to work for Rachel’s attention.  While there is no instant-love, lust and attraction play a huge role in Malcolm and Rachel’s relationship. Rachel doesn’t want to be one of many, she’s aware of the expectations of a  manwhore, in terms of her work and his lifestyle. She doesn't want to be in the lime light. However, ones heart doesn't always listen to common sense.

I love Katy Evans writing style. The slow build of this story just made it seem more real.  I enjoyed watching Rachel and Sin's relationship grow and change even though Rachel keeps trying to fight it. There is a bit of a cliffhanger, but read it now! I’m looking forward to Manwhore + 1! Read it!

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