Polly's Review: Epic Lies by Trudy Stiles

Title: Epic Lies
Series: Epic Fail #2

Author: Trudy Stiles
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Trudy Stiles

Pub Date: June 29, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

I love Trudy Stiles. She always has a way of pulling at my heart strings and making me love her characters. This book was no different. 

Dax is a rocker. I have to admit rockers make me nervous. He was pretty sweet as rockers go though. Nothing too crazy. He was sexy and a bit swoon-worthy. 

Giselle is a girl with a haunted past. However she doesn't let it define her. She's making her own way in life along with her crazy best friend. 

A chance encounter puts Dax in Giselle's life and then begins the game of hot and cold on both of their ends. 

I think my biggest issue with this one is that I thought it was a bit predictable. I guessed the main plot from the beginning and I just waited for something "more" to happen. The author is very upfront that this is different from her other works, and while it is I still got emotional a few times. 

I think fans of Trudy will still eat this one up. It was't as high on angst as her past works so if that is what was holding you back then jump on this one. 

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