Terri's Review: Always by Nina Lane

Title: Always
Series: Spiral of Bliss #5

Author: Nina Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Nina Lane

Pub Date: June 21, 2016
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Our thoughts...

This type of book is the hardest to review. The blurb is extremely vague for a reason. Yet, I had a suspicion what I would be reading about.

 I truly love this couple. Through all of their ups and downs, heartbreak and happiness they kept each other in mind; they continually wanted to do better for themselves as a couple as an individual and what is right for the other person.

This book is no different. We watch them grow, we watch them battle and most importantly we watch them love and accept love and support. That is not an easy task when you are The Professor. Liv is always changing as a woman and it's always for the better. She is amazingly strong, full of love, compassion and fight. Whether the fight be for what Dean needs (he may not know he needs it) or the kids. She truly is amazing.

The supporting characters in this series are just as amazing as Dean and Liv. To Liv’s amazing best friend and the wonderful community they surround themselves in.  I would love for Archer and Kelsey get a book of their own. Just so we can get a sneak peek into The Professor and his Beauty’s life.

If you haven’t read this series, I would highly recommend it. 

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