Polly's Review: Whiskey & Honey by Andrea Johnston

Title: Whiskey & Honey
Series: Country Road

Author: Andrea Johnston
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Andrea Johnston

Pub Date: July 21, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

It's not often (never) I go into a book without reading a blurb and I also never go into a book written by a  author that I have never read before without getting tons of info first. Something about this title and cover just really pulled at me and I signed up without knowing anything and I'm so glad that it was a winner! 

Whiskey and Honey is a "falling in love with best friend's brother" romance. These type of books can be rather hit or miss for me but I fell in love with this one. The town had a small town homey feel to it and it pulled me right in. I loved not only the main couple but all the side characters as well. Everyone knew everyone else and you could not keep a secret. It kid of reminded me of my own hometown. 

Piper has the worst luck with guys. She's a serial loser dater. No one has ever measured up in her head to what her dream man is, her best friend's brother Ben. 

Ben just came home after working out of state and literally the first day notices that Piper has grown up. A chance kiss puts her on his radar and he refuses to give up. 

This couple was so cute! They gave me all the gushy feels. Of course they had to hide their relationship but watching them fall in love was everything! 

I highly recommend this one to people who like low angst and high sweetness. 

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