Polly's Review: The Spire by Kate Canterbary

Title: The Spire
Series: Walsh Series Book 6

Author: Kate Canterbary
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Vesper Press

Pub Date: December 13. 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

Y'all this book!!! It was everything I needed from Erin's story. It's going to be so hard to write a review without giving anything away but I will try. 

First this "can" be read as a standalone however I do NOT recommend it. The whole series is interconnected and makes more sense if you read them all. 

Erin is the world traveler. She left home and stays away for her own sanity. I could not wait to see into her head. We knew that she left for reasons and that her and Shannon never talked but we didn't know why. We finally find out why in the book and it all clicked. 

Erin's love interest was so damn swoony!!! He had the patience of a saint and it showed. Their connection was of true soulmates. 

The chemistry was off the charts. The emotions this book brought out in me were ones I thought I didn't even have. It takes a lot to make me cry (black heart) but one scene in this book nearly brought me to my knees. 

I loved this book so hard. I don't feel that my review will do it justice but start from book 1 and read this series. You won't be sorry. 

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