Terri Review: Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams

Title: Roommates With Benefits
Author: Nicole Williams
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Nicole Williams

Pub Date: May 19, 2017
Rating: 3 Stars

Our thoughts...

Roommates with Benefits kept me on the entertained with plenty of ‘are you kidding me’ and ‘seriously’ moments. The sexual tension between Soren and Hayden is simmering just below the surface waiting for the right time to ignite.

RWB takes place in NYC. An aspiring young model moves across the county to fulfill her dream. She responds to a roommate wanted ad and agrees to move in. This is where the fun begins. The apartment is not as large as she thought, her roommate is a guy. A HOT guy non-the less. She hit the roommate lottery because Soren is truly a good guy from the beginning.

I did enjoy this book but I found the book to be to slow for me. When I look at a title like Roommates with Benefits I expect there to be some action happening. Don’t get me wrong Soren and Hayden get there but not until well over half way through the book, I’m talking closer to 70%. I don’t need sex on every page but I did expect it a little earlier in the book.  The most important aspect is that they were building a relationship during that time.

Overall RWB is a fast and fun read! Soren will definitely make you BBF top 10 list.

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