Terri's Review: Dirty Little Promise by Kendall Ryan

Title: Dirty Little Promise
Series: Forbidden Desires #2

Author: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Kendall Ryan

Pub Date: October 9th, 2017
Rating: 2.75 Stars

Our thoughts...

After reading Dirty Little Secret, I was excited about these characters and couldn’t wait for Dirty Little Promise. It was nice to see Mrs. Ryan go a little darker and more forbidden. The first book was addicting all the while being different from anything she’s ever written.

Once I started reading Dirty Little Promise the story  didn't have any of those same feelings. Characters that I used to love annoyed me. I found it to be quite predictable yet boring at the same time. Nothing jumped out to me like the first novel and personally, I thought it lost a bunch of its complexity. 

Sadly, this didn't meet my high hopes. Not sure if I'll venture into the rest of this series.

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