Anjee's Review: The Consort by K.A. Linde

Title: The Consort
Series: Ascension #3

Author: K.A. Linde
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: K.A. Linde

Pub Date: October 10, 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

We finally get to the third book in the series, and to say that it is even more scrumptious is an understatement. I recently linked The Ascension series like a seven layer salad, but I think now it’s more like one of those chocolate cakes with layers of different types of creams inside. You know that with every bite you are going to experience something incredible and never be disappointed. Anyway! *Light Spoiler Alert!*

Things are not very good for Cyrene in the beginning. She has found herself handed over to Kael (yes team other guy handed her over. HRMPH!) and is on the way back to Byern, and back to Ed. I swear Ed has gone insane. In this book, I think he lost everything that he once was. Truly tragic.
Kael is his usual sociopathic self, and truly the darkness has taken him. I’m continually asking myself what is this pull towards him? Why does he have his hooks in me? It’s true he is the villain. Total and complete. But I just can’t seem to put my finger on the draw. It drives me nuts with excitement. I guess it’s the thrill of loving a sociopathic murder. Maybe? I mean this is Fantasy after all. Or perhaps I might just be a little twisted in my head. Which leads me to.
The other guy. Yeah, we all know who it is. The good guy with the bleeding red heart. He’s currently trying to get back his country that got destroyed by our dear old friends in Byern. I do feel there is a war coming with team other guy at the helm. Will he save the day? Will he choose his country over all else? I guess we will find out.

Now that I have gotten the delightful threesome of men out of the way let’s talk about Cyrene! I mean she is the true player in this game. It is HER story after all. What makes Cyrene so bad ass? Cyrene grows leaps and bounds in The Consort. She finally gets what she wants, but then realizes it might not be what she wanted after all.  Yes, Ed names her consort then kills Daufina. Cyrene leaves Byern once again, and she is on another adventure with the crew. I love all the supporting characters, and I feel that each one of them has a place in her story. Something awful happens to my beloved Avoca, but I fear we haven’t heard that last of that story yet. Where we end is a good albeit hangover stopping point, but in true Linde fashion, we sit on the cliff waiting for her to drop the rest of the story into our lap next year.

I could seriously talk about this book and this series for days, but I want everyone to experience it all.   It’s just such a rich story. Not only with the love interests but with Cyrene herself and how empowering she is. She has grown so much, and trying to find her way in this story has been one hell of a ride for the readers. It will continue to be one of my all-time favorite YA series.

10 billion stars

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