Review: Beautiful Redemtion by Jamie McGuire

Title: Beautiful Redemption
Author: Jamie McGuire

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Jamie McGuire

Pub Date: January 27, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

In this book, Thomas definitely gets his redemption while still maintaining his mysterious FBI image. He is the best Maddox brother so far and sucks you in from his very first meeting till the very end.
**Spoiler from Beautiful Oblivion**
After finishing Beautiful Oblivion and learning Trent’s story, I really thought I was going to hate Thomas. That boy had a lot of explaining to do. I mean, who dates the girl that his brother has been in love with his entire life? That’s just wrong!

When the story first starts, we get a glimpse at Thomas from Liis’ point of view. She is your typical tomboy who always puts the job first and does not take crap from anyone. After Liis arrives in LA for a relocation assignment for the FBI, she has a steamy hookup with a random guy that she meets at a local bar. This was the best sex scene I have ever read by the author. The next day, Liis shows up to work, dreading her new boss Thomas since everyone at the FBI refers to him as a jackass. At the first meeting, Thomas beats down on Liis and tries to put her in her place, but Liis won’t back down from anyone, not even Thomas. The rumor around the work office is Thomas has been a jerk ever since his ex-girlfriend Cami broke up with him.

After multiple encounters of inter-office flirting and developing an attraction to each other, Liis and Thomas sit down to discuss the issue of an impending relationship. Both Liis and Thomas are married to their jobs and agree that hooking up and inter-work relationships are a no-go and that the job comes first. Always. However, sometimes, attraction and love just hold no bars. When Thomas brings along Liis for an assignment back in his hometown, they get to pretend they’re together, and sometimes pretending goes a long way. Thomas still has issues with relationships due to the damage Cami has done and Liis just doesn’t want to put too much into a relationship.

Most people complain that these books take place in the same time frame and while there is a slight overlap with this book and Beautiful Oblivion, there is not much Travis and Abby and Thomas really gets to shine in this book. I think Thomas might be my favorite Maddox brother yet!

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