Review: The Tied Man by Tabitha McGowan

Title: The Tied Man
Author: Tabitha McGowan

Genre: Dark Erotica
Publisher: Hunton Agius Publishing

Pub Date: January 5, 2013
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

This journey is one of a very dark depth so dark I almost couldn’t take it at times. I will warn you way ahead of time if you think you love dark books you have no idea what you are getting yourself into once you start.  ***Semi-Spoiler/Adult Content**** 18 or over only please.

I read a lot of dark books. That is my thing. I have read countless stories that, continue to be great in my mind. I can honestly say this book touched my soul. Very few books push me out of my comfort zone, but this book makes all others look like child’s play.  This is told from two POV’s Lilith and Finn.

We have a story with Lilith a famous artist, who has come from a prominent backround with a poor upbringing of her own. Her father was a worthless politician hailing from England, and her mom was a Junkie whore that lived on the streets and hostels before Lilith was born. Lilith spent her youth growing up in the prestige life, but also caring for her mother. Things happen along the way and Lilith distance’s herself from her family where she has become recluse and takes to Art. She has nobody, and likes it that way. Lilith’s bastard of a father gets Lilith to agree on a commissioned painting to a one Lady Albermarle hailing from England. Here Lilith meets the woman of my nightmares. Lady Albermarle a wealthy English woman whom also goes by Blaine has to be one of the most disturbing sadist’s I have ever read about. She introduces her companion Finn to Lillith, and this sets up the story that takes you through the depths of hell, and then digs a little deeper just for fun.

Countless re-occurrences of sadistic measure happen to Finn whom is a bastard child hailing from Ireland, where Blaine rescued him from one hell and put him in another. Finn is a drug addict, he has to be for what he is put through, however Blaine owns him, and sells him for nights of pleasure to the most vile of human beings. I think them more like animals myself, because I can’t even begin to describe how disturbed some of these prominent beings are. The sad part is they think what they are doing isn’t wrong. They just think they have different tastes in the pleasures of sex.
My heart broke into pieces every time Finn was in the picture. It got to a point where I just wanted Finn to off himself just so he could be released from the suffering, not only to his body, but to his mind.  I will never forget a particular scene where I cried my eyes out while wanting to vomit at the same time. I thought Anjee you can’t do this to yourself anymore just take a break, so I put the book down for a few minutes re-grouped, and continued on. With the help of my book friends they gave me virtual hugs and told me just to hold on tight, that things will be o.k. So I did.  I had hope when hope was deemed absent. Without giving you the total story and ending just know at the end of my read I was o.k.  My mind is still not quite the same after the torture I was put through as a reader, but I have a feeling I will be always looking for a writer whom can put me into the sidelines as if I was watching this terrible tragic story unfold in a room where I could only watch and not help.

5 Stars


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