Review: A Million Tiny Pieces by Nicole Edwards

Title: A Million Tiny Pieces
Author: Nicole Edwards

Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: SL Independent Publishing

Pub Date: January 20, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

Excuse me while I fan myself as I just finished reading A Million Tiny Pieces by Nicole Edwards.  Nicole is known for writing hot romance and this stand-alone book did not fall flat.  Million Tiny Pieces is a story that revolves around Mia, the divorcee, Phoenix, the playboy, and Tarik, the best friend in love with Phoenix.
Yes, this is a ménage book.   While it was hot, Nicole has a unique talent of not writing a story around sex scenes, but writing a love story that incorporates these sex scenes. 

What I also appreciate about Nicole’s writing style is that she can tell a story that takes over four hundred pages and it does not feel that long.  I was surprised how quickly the story moved and did not feel like it dragged on.  My only complaint, if I had to give one, is that end wrapped up a little quickly to feel believable.

If you are looking for a hot romance that includes two dirty talking domineering men and the independent woman that stands up to them – then this book is for you.  (It does contain M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F, and M/F explicit sex scenes.)


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