Review: The Fire Between High & Lo by Brittainy C. Cherry

Title: The Fire Between High & Lo
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Brittainy C. Cherry

Pub Date: March 25, 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Our thoughts...

I don’t think I can tell you how much I love this author!  She can write books that get inside you so deep that you will think about them forever and ever.  The characters she writes about are so developed and relatable that sometimes you think that she is a part of your life.  Her stories hit you so hard that you are either laughing or crying so hard.  Brittainy C. Cherry is a genius! 

With all that being said above I read Brittainy’s new book and thought there is no way that she can hit this one out of the park like all the others.  SHE DID!  The Fire Between High & Lo was amazing.  It was more than amazing actually.  Once again Brittainy wrote about characters that hit home.  You meet Logan and Alyssa in this book. It is a true friends to lovers story and a beautiful one at that.  They have their troubles and have to fight hard in their lives to be who they are.  The struggles in this book broke my heart but the love that was shared between many of the characters has given me faith that there are good people in this world and that love is something that with hard work can come to those who try. 

“There once was a boy, and I loved him.

And for a few breaths, a few whispers, a few moments, I think he loved me, too.”

I loved this book so much and would recommend it to EVERYONE!  If you love friends to lovers, this book is for you!  If you love contemporary romances, this book is for you!  If you love opposites attract, this book is for you!  If you don’t love it there is something wrong with you.  It was such a beautiful read and I cannot wait for more books from this author!  Take a look at that awesome cover!  Wow!  Read this one, you will be happy you did.  5 High and Lo stars! 

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