Review: An Unforgivable Love Story by B.L. Berry

Title: An Unforgivable Love Story
Author: B.L. Berry

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: B.L. Berry

Pub Date: March 22, 2016
Rating: 3.25 Stars

Our thoughts...
This is my first time reading B.L Berry. Let me start with how much I LOVE this cover! This was an interesting read.  I love a good love triangle. I enjoyed this story but it was very predictable.  I don’t alway mind the predictability of a book because you still have the suspense of ‘how’ it’s going to go down. If cheating is not your thing, don’t read this book.

At first I thought that maybe Simon and Elyse had multiple personalities. I enjoyed following the progression of their relationship. Their chemistry is pretty fantastic. I just had this feeling that they belonged together, until I met his wife.

Simon and his wife, Sharna, are both unhappy with the marriage and have been for years. Mistakes are made, some accidental and some intentional, secrets are revealed and neither one wants to throw in the towel due to the current situation. When Sharna learns of Simon’s latest escapades that is her breaking point and all hell breaks loose.

Elyse seems to find Simons behavior completely normal; not meeting her friends, they don’t go out in public a lot.  That was hard for me to understand. She’s a smart educated woman. She should’ve been suspicious of him. 

If love triangles are you thing, read this. Its easy and fast.

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