Ashley's Review: Just Friends by Monica Murphy

Title: Just Friends
Series: Just Friends #1

Author: Monica Murphy
Genre: New Adult Romance
Publisher: EM Publishing

Pub Date: September 13, 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Our thoughts...

I like Monica Murphy’s writing style. She hit the mark in this book with the teenage drama and angst.

What a love triangle per say. You have Olivia and Dustin who are best friends. Dustin just happens to like Olivia. Then Olivia is best friends with Emily. They are usually all together until Emily realizes she wants Dustin. The summer before senior year of high school changes the dynamics of this trio.

Olivia visits her dad during the summer and is out of the loop. Mean while back home Dustin and Emily spend time together as well as many other people. Parties are thrown and drinking takes place. Then one thing leads to another. While Dustin and Emily don’t talk much to Olivia during the summer, when she returns she knows something’s different.

Emily meets and hooks up with Ryan the new senior football player at their school. When he finally meets Olivia she exceeds what he was told and begins to pursue her. Well things start to change between the trio once the first day of school starts.

Just Friends is full of hook ups, parties, drugs, alcohol and gossip. Finding out who your true friends are and who to trust. It’s hard when you know each other’s secrets to play nice. This was a quick read full of drama and I loved it. Now I just need book two.

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